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The Folding Umbrella Market : Railway Market

A day at the -very curious- Umbrella Market.

Make today your "market- day!"

You will be picked up in the morning from your hotel in Bangkok and transferred to Mahachai market. Take a stroll across the market and get a glimpse of the daily Thai- life, before taking a ferry across the river and walk over to the Ban Leam Station and board the train. Enjoy the countryside rolling by, as you are heading for Samut Songkhram.

Finally you reach the "Umbrella Market"- the market is located directly on the left and right side of the railway- track. When a train signals its approach by whisteling, the vendors fold away the roofs (hence the "umbrella"- reference) and wait patiently for the train to pass. When the train is through, roofs will be unfolded again and life continues.

From a good viewpoint by the tracks, you can see the train leave the station and watch the strange ballet of train and vendors. On the way back to Bangkok, pay a visit to the temple Wat Bang Kung, which appears almost like an jungle temple with it`s roots embracing the building.


Duration: 5-6 hrs depending on the hotel location and traffic situation.


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