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Haadson Resort Khao Lak

Welcome to the end of the world...or at least: the end of Khao Lak

Bangsak Beach is the northernmost beach in the Khao Lak- area and borders the jungle in many parts.Haadson Resort Khao Lak

The Haadson Resort is one of the hotels with a direct "jungle - frontier" and relatively far from what you could call a "center"- it would take you approximately 15 minutes by car to reach something like a nightlife area.

But don’t be fooled: especially on weekends or holidays, this stretch of beach is very popular with the locals, who love having picnics here. What you experience, when you step out of the hotel, could be very well described as the "real Thailand".

Haadson Resort Khao LakOnly a few –very local, but nonetheless good- restaurants offer their services and the notorious "mom & pop- shops" supply goods for everyday consumption from beer to toothpaste.

The resort itself covers a large 19 acres of land, with lagoons, casuarina trees and only 39 rooms. Lot‘s of space for every guest.

If you cross the small and not very busy road in front of the resort, you will find yourself on one of the nicest beaches in the area: white sand, as far as the eye can see.

The rooms are either located in stand alone- villas or 2storey- buildings and simple but stylishly furnished (a little advice for smokers: it is not allowed inside the rooms!). Walking from the lobby- area to your room is like a walk in a park.

The resort also has a nice, small swimming- pool, as well as a restaurant and bar. Both the latter are facing the beach and are therefor the perfect places to worship Khao Laks beautiful sunsets.

People who are looking for a peaceful, tranquil place to wind down and recharge the batteries should definately give the Haadson Resort a serious thought and honeymooners may find exactly what they are looking for in this simple, yet peacefully natural resort.

Facts: 39 rooms, swimming pool, massage, library- and internet-corner, restaurant, bar, WiFi- access, mountain bike and motorcycle- rental, shuttle to Khao Lak Center.

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Haadson Resort Khao Lak

Coconut Room

Swimming Pool

The Terrace Restaurant

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