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Haad Tien Beach Resort

Koh Tao is still a sleeping beauty. Only a few years ago, the island was a secret among the diver's elite.

The last years have changed the reputation of the island from “diver's land” to full grown holiday destination. But mass- tourism, big shopping- palaces and excessive night- life are terms that do not come to mind, when the name Koh Tao is mentioned.

You will still find your lonely beaches...and on one of them, you will find The Haad Tien Beach Resort. Small villas under coconut- palms at a white, sandy beach...that is the southsea- dream of a Crusoe'esque life, with no problem, but how to fill the sunshine- days. The resort is built on 45 acres and the next village with local- restaurants or shops, is about 1 km away. Haad Tien Beach Resort, relaxation is the priority, activities – such as snorkeling or a massage- will be arranged by the helpful and attentive staff of the resort.

The rooms are built in correspondence with the surrounding nature, simple but cozy and all with beautiful seaview. At the Haadtien, you are not only living in nature- the resort tries to be as eco- friendly as possible, with their own waste- water recycling. This information may not be overly romantic, but it may give you a good feeling, that you are not only vacationing, but trying to keep your carbon- footprint as small as possible. The resort grows its own fruit, herbs and vegetables and even recycles driftwood as well as other material that may go to waste in any other hotel. Yes- helping the environment is not only sexy, nowadays. It can be romantic, in a place like the Haad Tien Resort.

Facts: 26 villas are divide into 9 categories, that include family- bungalows. The basic room- amenities are terrace or balcony, TV, minibar- fridge, water- cooker, shower, aircon and internet access. The hotel- facilities include a restaurant and a beach bar.

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