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Bangsak Village Khao Lak

Bangsak Village is everything but "Centrally Located"- the nearest center is about 10 minutes by car.

You had a long and exhausting flight. 10 hours or more on a plane, plus another 2 hours on a transfer- car. One thing is sure: you not only need a holiday- you deserve it! But fear not, my weary traveller, for your hardship has come to an end. Behold the Bangsak Village Resort.

As you step out from the car...that is the moment where relaxation beginns. You walk through a stone gate, onto a wooden walkway, through palm- trees and flowers and it takes litterally only a few steps, to leave the busy world out there behind you.

The approxymately 75 meters walk from the car park to the lobby are designed to make you wind down and wind down, you will. The lobby itself is spectacular in a very simple and down to earth- way. You take a seat and a warm wind sweeps through the high- ceiling building, that is basically open to three sides. Are you feeling it already?

Bangsak Village Khao LakAfter you are done with the check in- formalities, you are guided to your room. The space is open, green and quiet. Bangsak Village is everything but "centrally located"- the nearest center is about 10 minutes by car.

What sounds like a major disadvantage for party- hoppers, will soon turn out to be perfect for you, stressed big city- dweller. There is practically nothing to hear, but the sound of tropical birds, the wind in the palm-trees and the surf of the Andaman Sea.

Your room is spacious (smallest unit is 45 sqm) and looks as if it is somehow very “basic“ in design - but look closer and you will find many lovely and loveable details, that will most definately contribute to a fine holiday: the stand-alone bathtub, for example, or the cozy seating area by the window.

From each room it is not further than 30 meters to the long stretched swimming- pool and at most 50 meters to the beach! Oh, the beach!

Bangsak –without a doubt- offers one of the best stretches of sand in all of Khao Lak, ideal for strolls in the sun. Best used for swimming and frollicing in the warm tropical waters.

One of the areas best entertainment – provided by Mother Nature herself- are the magnificent sunsets, best viewed from the beach- end of the pool or from the semi- open air- restaurant.

We highly recommend the Bangsak Village for couples and honeymooners (the resort has a "no-children-under –the- age- of- 12"- policy, which undoubtedly ads to the calm and quiet of the place.

Facts: 50 rooms as stand-alone bungalows or small 2- unit bungalows. The hotel offers a swimming- pool with jacuzzi, mountain bike rental, shuttle on request and chargeable, a spa, a library- and internet corner as well as restaurant with local and international cuisine.

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